Carolina Waves

Carolina Waves Spring/Summer 2023 Registration



Thank you for your interest in our Spring/Summer 2023 Program.


We will field girls teams from 4-12th grade this upcoming Spring/Summer.


Rosters will be selected from past player evaluation, recruitment, late fall, and late winter try-out sessions.


Early Try-outs:     Week of October 21st

Winter Try-Out:   January 16th


***** Recruitment occurs all winter through Rec, MS, HS player evaluation


We have two different types of teams.  Our Waves Select teams play within a league circuit called Select 40.  We will field Select 40 U17,U16, and U15 squads this year.   These squads will travel to 2 events in Manheim, PA and 2 events in Louisville, KY this year.


We also have Inside Exposure teams that play in regional showcase events.  We will have U17, U15, U14,U13, U12, and U11 Inside Exposure teams that will play locally in Raleigh, and also larger showcase events in Charlotte and Greensboro.


If interested in playing for our program this spring, please register as soon as possible so you can have you out to one of our try-out sessions and/or so we can catch one of your Rec, MS, or HS games.


Program cost varies depending on the age and squad you make.   

(~$550 to 875 + Uniform)    4-6th grade run March 1 - June 10  / 7-12th runs March 1 - July 28th


Once registered I will connect with you via email or directly on next steps, as we build our Spring/Summer rosters.


In the mean time, feel free to txt me any questions to:

Eric Hemming  919-986-2251




Please direct questions to:

Eric Hemming

Director of Operations

Phone: 919-986-2251