Carolina Waves

Carolina Waves West 2021 Spring/Summer Registration



Welcome to our Spring/Summer Season  registration.  Registering for our Spring/Summer Program places you on our invitation list for consideration for placement on one of our Spring/Summer club teams.   We fill teams through a combination of try-outs and local recruiting efforts. 


Our spring season runs from March 1st - June 6th for regional teams and extends through the end of July for our HS travel showcase teams.


Detailed information will be sent to you for our initial try-outs once you have registered.


Payments for the spring summer season will be due by March 1st.  Payment plans will be made available to those who would like that alternative.  Payment instructions will be provided at the time your player is placed on a roster.


Player dues range from $300 for our youngest players to $750 for our most advanced mature athletes.  Rates are dictated by the practice time, tournaments, and coaching each team receives.  The cost for the specific team your son or daughter makes will be published to you at time a roster position offer is extended to them.


We are looking forward to the upcoming 2021 Spring Summer Season and hope you come run with us!


Please direct questions to:

Kenny Carter

Club Director

Phone: 336-687-1948